Shuli College

Shuli College

Shuli College was established in August 2016. There is a saying in "The Analects of Confucius" that "there is no way to stand without learning etiquette". Shuli College takes "self-cultivation, knowledgeable, prudent and farsighted" as its motto, adhering to the spirit of "daring to try, seeking truth and pragmatism, reforming and innovating, pursuing excellence." Shude College adheres to SUSTech's three pillars of research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. On this basis, Shude College emphasizes the cultivation of internationally-minded leaders full of patriotism, familial feelings and true talent.

By mastering the theoretical course, students of Shuli College are given the opportunity to understand their studies deeply by taking part in field visits and practice through the combination of learning and entrepreneurial studies.

The emblem of Shuli College is an open book with a bachelor cap in the center. Only by studying, asking, and seeking, can students achieve academic excellence and gain something in the process of studying.

The opening book symbolizes the college with straight, inclusive, critical and cultural debating atmosphere. Meanwhile, it shows Shuli College’s determination of cultivating elite talents who read widely, learn both ancient and modern knowledge, and integrate knowledge from both domestic and foreign sources. The bachelor cap has the meaning of “students study endlessly, and the edge of study is endless” and “the college’s dignified and rigorous style of study."

About Shuli College

Shuli College is chaired by Professor Chen Yuehong, director of the Center for Humanities. It is unique about the residential colleges, in that it is the only residential college where a professor of humanities serves as the dean. In terms of cultural construction, Shuli College not only pays attention to shaping a rigorous and heavy style of study, but also pays attention to carrying out the characteristic activities of academia interwoven with "science and technology, liberal arts and sports".

There are currently 55 tutors in Shuli College, covering all 14 departments across SUSTech. There are also 4 social tutors from institutions like the Shenzhen Education Bureau and companies like Dajiang Innovations (DJI). These tutors provide a unique perspective for the students development of their professional and personal skills.

Clubs & Organizations

Through organizing a series of cultural and technological intertextual activities, such as the president's luncheon, the tutor's sharing meeting, the Shuli College enterprise field trips, and the humanities afternoon tea, students can have a broader vision and a more sound personality.

Such activities encourage students to take a break from the studies and widen their horizons.